$500 – 18 Year Old First Pizza Dare NakedPizzaDelivery


$500 – 18 Year Old First Pizza Dare

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Submitted by newgirl2169:  My very first pizza dare, my first time doing something like this, if i win anything in this contest there will be much more. Feel free to give me any pointers.

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$500 - 18 Year Old First Pizza Dare, 4.9 out of 5 based on 76 ratings

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ilvoyeur 2013-06-05

wow she’s incredible..one of the winners for sure!!

vincenzo2334 2013-06-05


miguelucho 2013-06-05


amater1975 2013-06-05

Nicely done! I love how educated you are with the guy and how nice he grabs your butt… I hope there will be much more.

orellana 2013-06-05

Fantastic, very bold and calm!!
Well done!!


WOW!!!! Best dare ever!!!

darkfangs5 2013-06-05

exelente, comenzó con buen pie el concurso. Ahi dejo mi voto 5 estrellas para esta dama que supo manejar ricamente su primera actuacion 😉

chew712 2013-06-05

Bet $100, more like win $500.

erick 2013-06-06

good job!

jocko71 2013-06-06


together 2013-06-06

Awesome very Awesome but next time it would be better if you don’t wear socks.

teased 2013-06-06

I agree with all the other comments. You are a natural at this and you should make many more videos. The camera angle and lighting was perfect. It was great how you got him inside and on camera. We need to see as much of him as we can in order to know he is a real delivery man and not your boy friend posing each time. We saw enough of him. That was good. Next time wear different clothes so that we can easily see which one of your videos it is just from a thumbnail pic. Try different things, like many layers of business clothes so it takes a long time to strip in fromt of him. Or another time try hot stockings and heels. You have the perfect set-up to keep winning and entertaining us. Some girls also have a camera p.o.v. of the delivery man and then edit the two angles together but yours is so good now, you maybe shouldn’t change anything. Please keep in mind that the best videos also show the delivery mans reaction, so your camera is just right.

teased 2013-06-06

Can you add the photos you took to the end of the video? Thanks.

canuck666 2013-06-06

That was amazing, there is no way you won’t win the contest this month.

niko 2013-06-06

You are absolutely stunning. Please keep taking off your clothes for the pizza guys, just loved it. BRAVO!

Grimbald 2013-06-06

she has the perfect body for this perfect dare. AWESOME POST 😉

jimpride 2013-06-06

Perfect. Just perfect Keep it up. I hope to see many, many more from you!

mickey 2013-06-07

OMG! The best video on here!

DavidMontero 2013-06-07

Vaya lo atrevida, pudo meterte más mano si lo hubieras dejado, buen trabajo, quisiera ver más momentos como estos.

justme45 2013-06-07

Nice job and really pretty voice. I would have liked to see your face too

fenomenun 2013-06-13

With such a great contribution I guess you just sat back and watched the rating going up!

johnnyd 2013-06-15

You are so hot! You’ll win for sure. Keep doing more videos. Next time, show off to the camera before the delivery guy comes. The conversation makes it even better.

johnb 2013-06-20

You are beautiful and this is the perfect dare video! I love the “extra tip” and your little spin at the end. Got my heart racing. More videos please!!

donm59 2013-07-02

Congratulations on being the winner this month, hopefully you will be at the top again this month. Maybe this time give him a sexual tip ie: hand job or blow job. Can’t wait to see more of that sexy body especially love your tits.

PervyCat02 2013-09-02

wow… just perfect. This man, he has never had a more awesome experience working any other job I’m sure. <3 perfect video.

maku 2014-01-19

You are very pretty and the video is just perfect! <3 it!

wolfmanpete 2014-10-21

You have a very nice body!

D 2017-02-16

You know a video is really good when you shake with excitement and your heart beats out of your chest while watching it! PLEASE tell me you have more videos coming?!?!? YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST ONE ON HERE!

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