$800 – 20 Year Old Fifth Pizza Dare NakedPizzaDelivery


$800 – 20 Year Old Fifth Pizza Dare

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Submitted by Newgirl2169: Hey guys! Me again! Didn’t get what I wanted this time but gave you guys a little show at the end to try and make up. I hope its worth some good votes! I wasn’t sure what this pizza boy wanted because he was sending mixed signals. Sry I was so nervous! I misjudged his age also which prob didn’t help. Sry for the cam quality! Switched cameras. Enjoy!

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Rating: 4.6/5 (75 votes cast)
$800 - 20 Year Old Fifth Pizza Dare, 4.6 out of 5 based on 75 ratings

Comentarios (24)

igodmichael 2015-06-03

what a pussy pizza guy

Greg 2015-06-03

Would be better if you answer the door totally dressed… then when you explain that your friend bet you to have naked pics taken by the pizza guy… when he agrees, tell him he’s got to undress you as part of the dare… I just think that would be way hotter having this pizza guy have to unzip your jeans, undo your buttons, pull your pants down, etc… when you quickly whisk off all your clothes & come back totally naked isn’t near as erotic as it would be if you made him undress you… Another idea is to just stay dressed and explain your friend bet you to give the pizza guy a blowjob… If he says yes, just do it dressed… somehow that would be more erotic also, I think… or let him feel your tits under your shirt while you’re blowing him, etc…

Greg 2015-06-03

Or maybe standing there totally dressed, just tell him your friend dared you to let the pizza guy suck your tits… Let him wonder if he’s supposed to do it with your shirt on, or off… let him figure it out, that he needs to pull your shirt up and pull your bra down to do it, etc… I just think that would add to the excitement of the whole thing making him take your clothes off one way or another…

memekodd 2015-06-03

you are sweet & sexy as hell. Pizza guy lost a great opportuniy

33203234-H 2015-06-03

The boy still did good, he grabbed titties and ass….. ye could have done better

robot_boy 2015-06-03

you are the best . keep doing.

cheesus 2015-06-05

I actually love the skepticism, shows this is real. Not everyone’s going to act like they’re in a porn movie.

Dale 2015-06-06

this girl is the best on this entire website… I would love to see her give another blowjob to the pizza guy

jeronimo 2015-06-07

you are the best
you should never stop doing this type of videos

JoeHeadmmmmm 2015-06-09

This makes me want to get a job as a pizza delivery guy. I like the spreading of the cheeks. It’s not too graphic and very hot.

mboy5425 2015-06-09

Love your videos! I love watching your body developing and filling out over time. Your tits are amazing! Please sit/squat with your beautiful legs Wide open for the pizza guy next time when he takes your pic. Waited such a long time since your last post and I’m feeling a little blueballed from this sexy but short post. Hopefully you do another video really soon for a pizza guy that wants it. Give the old pizza guy a call, he’ll def give you everything you want and hopefully more. 🙂

vianjante 2015-06-13

espetacular, maravilhosa… Ameiiiii o VÍDEO, Muito Obrigado por Postar

therealjosh 2015-06-14

the best, finally a different pizza guy.

JoeHeadmmmmm 2015-06-19

What you need to do sweetie is just be honest with the guy and tell him you are doing this for a contest on a website. This guy thought it was weird what you were asking of him cuz he didn’t understand what it was all about and it probably made him nervous thinking you were some crazy girl. Also you wouldn’t have to be so nervous or feel weird if the pizza guy knew why you were doing this. I don’t think he was buying the “I bet my friend” bit. Glad to see a different pizza guy.

Adam B 2015-07-04

I think you’re better off saying you got dared to give the pizza guy a bj right from the beginning… before you take any clothes off even. No guy is going to want a pic taken of you just holding his dick… but if you say, “hey, my friend bet me $100 to give the pizza delivery guy a blowjob” and ask if he’d mind taking a few pics of you for proof… I can’t imagine a single guy turning that down!!! lol Or tell him your ex just broke up and ask if he’d mind helping you get back at him… say, “I would really love to be able to send him a pic of me giving another guy a blowjob…” and take it from there…

JoeHeadmmmmm 2015-07-08

two to three new posts a week my ass. I’ve been here a month and all I’ve seen is two or three new posts for the month. This girl here is the best. Love that ass and her videos aren’t real short.

willerz 2015-07-08

i agree with the above comment completely. very few posts per week. per month in fact.

Daniel4731 2015-07-08

willerz and joeH… why don’t you guys post your own vids for the contest? This is a contest, you can’t push people to post these videos, these videos are not easy to do, unless you make fake videos, but if someone post a fake video on here then you all complain.. you should just relax, and cancel your membership if you aren’t happy with the contest…. these vids are hard to find out there and i think this site does a great effort by sharing these videos, i remember a long time ago it was difficult to find these videos online, now we have so many on here!!! all my support to this site. keep the good work guys!!!

didi491 2015-07-11

good good mais plus encore soit plus ose biz

gatodanadodf 2015-07-24

Que imbecil!

yo 2015-10-22

love your videos newgirl! any plans to make a 6th one?

squish22 2016-03-27

What a chicken shit he was. I’d give anything to bury my face in your ass.

teased 2016-10-09

What a shake at the end. Wow! Great

D 2017-02-16

You know a video is good when you literally shake with excitement and your heart almost beats out of your chest. PLEASE tell me you have more coming? You are absolutely the best I have ever seen!

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