$800 – 20 Year Old Fourth Pizza Dare NakedPizzaDelivery


$800 – 20 Year Old Fourth Pizza Dare

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Submitted by Newgirl2169: Hi guys! Sry its the same pizza guy AGAIN! I am ordering from a diff location next time.Told him im moving cz I dont want my fans to get bored =). Went to get him naked, he licked and played with my butt and vagina then came in my mouth again. Please vote and ill keep trying my best! I like comments too! =)

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$800 - 20 Year Old Fourth Pizza Dare, 5.0 out of 5 based on 79 ratings

Comentarios (34)

peterpancito 2015-01-08

You’re incredible girl

BB 2015-01-08

I would make 5 babies with her

rocco1 2015-01-08


gunter54 2015-01-08

Same guy again? 🙁

newgirl2169 2015-01-09

I know its the same guy but i want everyone to know i tried my best to make it a good video still. I want to keep making great vids for you guys so my next try will def be from a diff place. I just want everyone to know the effort i put in and how far outside my comfort zone i go to keep it entertaining. You will never get a fake vid from me. I hope that makes up for this guy stalking my orders.

therealjosh 2015-01-09

Why does it load so fuckin slow!

chango 2015-01-09

please bring back ZUZANA

Damilo 2015-01-09


sprotch 2015-01-09

Most adorable slut in the world.

jocko71 2015-01-09

please moooooore and moooooore

willerz 2015-01-09

would REALLY REALLY like to see him fuck you. i’m sure thats what everyone else here would like to see. but still an awesome fucking vid btw. yours are the only ones i really look forward to seeing.

igodmichael 2015-01-09

Order from Schwan’s or Pspa John’s

h&F 2015-01-10

Big fan of your videos 😉 When will you post the video of you fucking the delivery guy?

nadietieneminick 2015-01-10

OMG! I would love to be your delivery man.

canuck666 2015-01-10

newgirl2169 – you can’t blame him for wanting to be the one to deliver to you when your address comes up. Just use different places and different times to get other drivers. What would you do if a female driver showed up?

Admirtharsis 2015-01-12

Amazing as always

visitor 2015-01-12


it’s a great video and not boring at all.

sms11 2015-01-12


dattenborough 2015-01-13

christ he’s creepy

dreambig041177 2015-01-14


beingreal00 2015-01-14

Honestly, I think you should get this guy to deliver one more time to you before you change locations. Poor guy, you have been teasing him and been playing with his emotions. I bet the first time you met him, he was attracted to you and wishes he could get a date with you. It isnt every day a person like that gets a second look from an attractive girl like yourself. I actually feel bad for the guy. I think you should give him a condom and give him a couple pumps. You guide him on what to do, he will listen. He wont last long, trust me and you actually will give him a wonderful memory for the rest of his life. Thanks for the video, you seem very sweet and caring. Keep it up.

vedrich 2015-01-15


pizzaloverr 2015-01-17

Greatt video!! II think you should call this guy one more time.. He has been such a gentleman to you.. Make his dream come true once. Maybe start of with a little kissing (on the lips) since you said you are going out of your comfort zone. Then have sex with him all the way once. Like beingreal00 said, he wont last long. But do this for him one last time to make his dream come true that he will always remember. And almost forgot to mention, it will also get your loyal fans to love you even more ))

maku 2015-01-19

So hot! Amazing video!

Issei 2015-01-25

I reg just so that I can see her. I’m so jealous of that guy. I voted to the max and I really do hope she wins.

Be safe always, newgirl.

Danilo 2015-01-30




halffen 2015-01-30

I agree with the others.. i think you should give him a call one last time and give him a nice parting gift and give him a night he’ll remember for weeks and months to come. You have my vote regardless.

xdreamanx 2015-02-03

she’s the best of this website, she won!!! i love you girl! i hope to meet you

tjmilf65 2015-02-24

newgirl 2169 you are really adventurous. You should do this at a hotel and show off for the room service guy…

Dan 2015-03-07


Eddie 2015-03-24

Outstanding! Next time when you explain the dare to the delivery guy… tell him he has to take your clothes off… that the dare was to get the delivery guy to undress you… that would make it even more awkward and intense for the guy… rather than just standing there watching you strip… he has to put his hands on you fully dressed and pull your shirt off… and undo your pants, take off your bra, etc…

funmaker96 2015-04-17

REALLY NICE! Keep being so polite and slutty, love it!

JoeHeadmmmmm 2015-06-18

Get rid of this delivery guy. When it’s the same guy over and over again it takes away from the whole shock of the guy seeing you naked. I like this one the best cuz I like when he spreads your cheeks cuz it’s what I would do. But enough of this guy. No doubt he has got the word out at his work that ONLY he is going to deliver to you. When it gets to be the same guy over and over again it may as well be your b-friend cuz he’s not a total stranger anymore. Plus this guy may start to become annoying and harrass you. Order from a different place or something but get rid of this guy.

D 2017-02-16

You know a video is good when you literally shake with excitement and your heart almost beats out of your chest. PLEASE tell me you have more coming? You are absolutely the best I have ever seen!

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