$800 – 21 Year Old 7th Pizza Dare NakedPizzaDelivery


$800 – 21 Year Old 7th Pizza Dare

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Submitted by newgirl2169: Hey everyone! Back again with I think the best video yet! Wore a nice thong, shook my butt, took some good pics, and let pizza man lick my vagina and butt! Followed it up with a great bj. =) I’m looking forward to your comments, feedback, and votes! So sry but the pics I took during the video were deleted from my camera. =( Hopefully still a great vid for you guys though! =)

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$800 - 21 Year Old 7th Pizza Dare, 4.9 out of 5 based on 83 ratings

Comentarios (34)

robot_boy 2016-02-06

you are the best here.

banditss 2016-02-06

you make me cum all the time

wizks 2016-02-06

can’t believe how far you go since the 1st vid !

drummergod 2016-02-06

Like I said last time on your other video, YOU are the only reason I subscribe to this site! No other girl on this site comes close to you, who cares about towel drops and answering the door naked.. You go the next step and that’s what counts and without hesitation always makes me renew my subscription every time you upload because I know I’m going to get what I want for it because you’re videos fulfil one of my fantasies and its just amazing! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next, Maybe go all the way? If its the same guy you wont have to have it in you for long because of how quick he cums haha! But none the less, I love your work, Your amazing, And thank you for all your videos. I only hope and pray that what I pay for this site goes straight to you! You deserve it!

P.S – Please don’t leave it to long before posting your next video 😀

mboy5425 2016-02-06

Wow!!! Masterful performance! Thank you so much for the super sexy poses I requested, amazing!! I think he liked that you called for him direct! Love the moaning during BJ, just louder and sluttier and maybe squeal a little when he spanks you to encourage him. Nice touch with the pic of his cock in your mouth! Maybe a pic of his cum in your mouth before you swallow would be nice. Please do what you must to recover those pictures! Loved the thong look. Maybe next time you could wear a nighty plus thong and doll up a little so he knows you dressed for him. Again, the extra poses were perfect but you should spread your beautiful legs really far apart next time when sitting/doggystyle poses to entice him further. Ask him his age. When he licks your butt, help a brother out by spreading with your hands. Get a rhythm going by rubbing your tight body all over him sensually and rub down his cock with your pussy. Love watching the progression and confidence grow over time, you are the absolute best! Thank you for all you do! Yes, please don’t wait too long for your next post!

memekodd 2016-02-06

always make me horny with your vids 😀 fucking hot body, naughty naughty in every video

jeronimo 2016-02-07

the best video from this site
keep going
do it every month

RVboyJunior 2016-02-07

I like it when you take that cock into your mouth. extremely fucking hot show. Play with the cum in your mouth – next post

riker66 2016-02-09

wow what a tease i hope we get small fuck show soon

rocket32 2016-02-11

Hi ,would you end up fucking this guy for us ?

15th_Dragon 2016-02-13

Fantastic as always

Rdudit 2016-02-13

First time to pay for porn is to see you.

Kozzzmozzz7 2016-02-17

The one and only! We have a winner one more time ;)!

H28 2016-02-18

an over the top dream scene…This is what pizza dare is all about

minuteman 2016-02-19

Please take to the next level, your videos are amazing, but will love to see you actually making that man the happiest guy on earth, and later will do the same with a lot more in this website.

keep the good work!!

antonymonk1 2016-02-25

Loved the way you smiled up at him. Like the sweet and loving girl you seem to be.

scorpio-33 2016-02-25

nice bj, would be hot to see you spiting it out next time, would love to see that yummy load of cum coming out of your mouth woow

mboy5425 2016-02-27

Better yet, have him blow his nut in your beautiful face then mop it up in your mouth. Make sure he holds your hair up when u give him a bj. Ask him his name, it’ll make you wanna have sex with him bareback even more! Maybe ride him at first to maintain the control. Then lead him to the bedroom to finish you off. I dare you to get him fully naked too with his hat on! Thank you Ashley, you are the absolute best! Love you!

memeked 2016-02-28

Amazing video.. as always!!
Before you go all the way with him (which you should definitely do), maybe do a video where you do 69 with him (i remember him asking you to do it before), with a blowjob after.. Just make sure the camera angle can see you from the side..
Then in the next video after that go all the way with him.. He definitely deserves it 🙂

qendiliie 2016-03-01

I just think you should change the delivery guy, maybe try Mexican or Chinese food, these delivery guys are all the way too -in general- and you can try the same ideas with them. I love every single video you do with this pizza guy, they’re all hot and I love them, but it’s time to let us see you teasing another dudes 😉

irontank1812 2016-03-06

need to show face so bad lol

trkmonster 2016-03-15

I love every single video you do I can see your ass getting bigger I love it

deendiliie 2016-04-02

Always vote for you as firstt when you post a video.. Big reason i vote is because youre amazing )) But other main reason is because of the delivery guy.. He is so nicee with you.. and puts on a great performance without even knowing it.. I think its about time he won firstt prize too and you take it all the way with him.. He really deserves it!! ))

jonesynzl 2016-04-11

Let him make you cum in your next meeting/video. It will make it all that more exciting for him knowing he made you cum.

didi491 2016-05-10

super video good good continue ose j adore tu es tres belle une grosse biz ton livreur a du etre surpris j aurais aimer etre a sa place

Jim 2016-05-17

NEWGIRL, please let the pizzaman shoot a huge load on your tits next time. That would be nice.

jonjo666 2016-06-26

Hey newgirl2169 great videos you’re very brave?

What the vid going to be more than one delivery guy?

mr_umbra 2016-08-02

great vid i hope you kiss this guy and let him fuck you.

dickempé 2016-09-08

I am sure that in 4:30 you were waiting (finally) to get fucked. Unfortunately, this guy is so lazy…

C’mon, it is time to go the next level.

photogs 2016-12-25

I hope this girl isn’t done yet.
The cock in mouth shot you got him to take was a nice move. Get him to do several more next time. Also, a facial cumshot would be great.
I’d like to see you answer the door weaeing more clothes next time- perhaps a short little skirt with some knee high socks to really get his motor running- or perhaps make him think that he’s not going to get his cock sucked this time. Tease him a bit!
I’d also like to see you with some other delivery guys. I like that as your confidence has grown you’re been more willing to go for it like you did in episode 5. Too bad that the guy wasn’t willing!

D 2017-02-15

You know a video is good when you literally shake with excitement and your heart almost beats out of your chest. PLEASE tell me you have more coming? You are absolutely the best I have ever seen! Next do a facial or have him take you doggy and let him blow his load in you. Take pics of both at the end so we can see! High heels would be a nice touch. 😉

brains99 2017-05-02

This is the most incredible video I’ve ever seen in my entire life. That was the luckiest man to ever walk earth. incredible. truly.

Olaman 2017-05-26

I’d pay even 50 dollars for a video of this girl i wish she make 8th pizza dare soon!

forhekset 2018-05-20

Awesome work! That was refreshing, and really exciting. You have two new fans now,as my gf loved the video too. Keep doing what you do girl, you are amazing!!!

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