$800 – 21 Year Old Sixth Pizza Dare NakedPizzaDelivery


$800 – 21 Year Old Sixth Pizza Dare

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Submitted by Newgirl2169: Hi, everyone! Back again! I hope ur not getting sick of me yet, Sry about the same guy but Ive had failed attempts with others and these are always the best videos but I will keep trying to make it hot for you. He touches my asshole a lot in this one and I let him cum in my mouth. If I get him again I will try to take it to the next level. Look forward to your votes and your suggestions! =) I always like your comments too! =)

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$800 - 21 Year Old Sixth Pizza Dare, 4.9 out of 5 based on 74 ratings

Comentarios (28)

willerz 2015-11-17

yes you’re back! always look forward to your vids and i will never get sick of you. can’t wait to see you take it to “the next level”!

Svengali 2015-11-17

I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t really mind you having the same guy over. I’d much rather you stick with him and in fact take it to the next level as you said. Love your videos nonetheless and i’m definitely excited to see your 7th installment. I definitely want to have you sit on his lap and straddle him for some more foreplay.. and then perhaps finally let him have sex with you, I think it’s about time 😛

mboy5425 2015-11-17

Love your videos! Maybe you could dress sexy for him next time and have him undress you. Also, have him take some pictures of you with your legs spread eagle and doggy style. That should get you in the mood to “take it to the next level”! Give him a nice tender kiss and use your tongue more while sensually giving him a blowjob. Look him in the eyes when giving him a blowjob. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Thank you!

antonymonk1 2015-11-17

omg you have a fantastic fellation technique, the way you swallowed it all in one go was magnificent. i’d like to be on his place 😉

drummergod 2015-11-17

YES YOUR BACK!!! I only sign up to this to watch your videos only, and I check every day to see if you have uploaded lol. I don’t mind it being the same guy, Would love to see you take it to that “next step” please please PLEASE keep doing what your doing 🙂 Your the best! Thank you so so much for what you do. Can’t wait to see your next video.

nadomal 2015-11-17

I subscribed to the site for your videos!! You’re wonderful! Can you please add a facial video from one of those delivery guys? Or show us the cum when they do finish.. Can’t wait!

simon4565 2015-11-17

como siempre exelente video!

KEN0 2015-11-18


montsegur 2015-11-19

You are so good, just try to give us something more hot :=)

josh21 2015-11-20

ahhhh… that was nice…. I’ve come without touching myself LOL Delivery guys fantasy is alive.. Got to get rid of the pixelation tho… She’s a young beautiful girl.

vianjante 2015-11-20

Que loucura, amei o video.. Não existe coisa melhor.

jeronimo 2015-11-20

you are the best
please make more videos
1 per month

24yearoldlovesyourpizzadares 2015-11-20

subscribed just to see your videos. I love them so much.

24yearoldlovesyourpizzadares 2015-11-20

Also I’m a fan of using the same guy too, I can’t think of many things I want to see more than you letting him go all the way with you.

steverbear 2015-11-20

You are damn sexy, so lovely !!! He keeps getting the BEST TIP ever, bet he FIGHTS the other drivers to deliever to you all the time!!!

candyLen1 2015-11-21

Omg….I really started getting a massive erection when he touches your asshole, then of course I cummed when you let him cum in your mouth. You’re the best.

fenomenun 2015-11-21

Glad you’re back! You are always welcome even having the same guy coming back. Thank you for the great show.

Kozzzmozzz7 2015-11-21

You go, girl!

therealjosh 2015-11-24

this site gets my money every time you show up.

minuteman63 2015-11-25

please take it to the next level

dickempé 2015-11-28

Please, don’t take so long to make the next video! PLEASE!!

dickempé 2015-11-28

Try a longer video next time, 10-15 min. If you get this guy again, don’t get totally naked from the beginning. He knows you already, he knows what you’re gonna do, show him your PANTIES and BRA, will be extremely beautiful and exciting if you’ll use underwear. Let HIM take your clothes off.

makumaku 2015-11-29

Glad to see you back! You are amazing and I Love your videos – think they are the best! Cant wait to see the next one.

minuteman63 2015-12-06

love your videos, it will be so amazing if you can take it to the next level, and longer videos, keep the good work

Nealson 2015-12-18

I think you have taken it as far as you can with this same guy. You are obviously not willing to have sex with him, so there’s only so many times you can keep repeating the same routine. Don’t get me wrong, they are great, but either try something new, or find a new guy.

I’m not sure why you won’t have sex with him when you consider that you have gone as far as blowing him multiple times and swallowing. It’s funny, as the first time you did this, there was an obvious communication misunderstanding. You clearly wanted him to warn you when he was going to come, but he understood it to mean you wanted him to come in your mouth. I had to laugh when you realized what he had done, and then thanked him.

I can only think that you unwillingness to have sex with him is probably a control issue. Blowing him keeps you in control, while having sex kind of puts him in control of what’s happening.

Keep them coming. By all means keep the same guy as you probably feel safe with him, but vary it up. Maybe have him use a vibrator on you?

jollydead 2016-01-28

When is the next video coming out 🙁

wifecam 2016-07-18

Oh fucking wooow !

D 2017-02-16

You know a video is good when you literally shake with excitement and your heart almost beats out of your chest. PLEASE tell me you have more coming? You are absolutely the best I have ever seen!

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