Adorable Asian GIrl Takes Pizza Delivery In The Nude NakedPizzaDelivery

Adorable Asian GIrl Takes Pizza Delivery In The Nude

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Adorable Asian GIrl Takes Pizza Delivery In The Nude, 4.5 out of 5 based on 69 ratings

Comentarios (15)

BB 2015-05-13

She’s cute

xxxxsamxxx 2015-05-14

yup that was cute, nice post

cooterdirty 2015-05-14

This was great but too short

ACHILLE 2015-05-14


darknezz 2015-05-17

Hi think is fake, never had seen a delivry guy with sunglssses and hat and the expression when he saw her was to acted

Kaiser 2015-05-18

@darknezz so the video is fake simply because you’ve never personally seen something… namely a delivery guy with sunglasses or a hat. Reading that comment hurt, physically. How great it must be to have you be the ultimate authority when it comes to determining what’s legitimate or not. I guess air is fake too given that you’ve never really laid eyes on it?

On a separate note, good job on the video though I would agree that it could’ve been longer. 🙂

nadietieneminick 2015-05-18

It isn’t fake

JoeHead 2015-05-19

I don’t think asian women are very attractive. not sure why, maybe cuz they don’t have much of an ass or tits. That being said, this girl is an exception to the rule. very cute and a nice ass. Wish it would have been longer like her talking to the guy with her fine ass facing us. I have to sgree it does seem kinda fake. @Kaiser I’m not an authority determining whats legit but it reminds me of the difference between the old Alan Funt nude Candid Camera and the newer totally fake English version. It’s over reacted. look at the Alan Funt videos where a naked lady does something simillair to this. the guy ALL have the same reaction which is playin it off like business as usual. Either sneeking a peek or not peeking at all. This guy way over reacted. He could have just looked down at the ground or looked directly at her face. People don’t just freak out and make a big deal out of it, offended or not. That guy acted like she had Ebola. Thats not a typical reaction from an adult. Even if that was the first time he saw someone naked. He acted more like a ten yr old, how would the guy react if she had a bikini or g-string, if he acts like that he’s ..nah believe it if you want but… looks too fake. Google Alan Funts Candid Camera and you’ll see what I mean. Her ass made it worth watching though.

JWL 2015-05-19

Well, to me it’s hard to tell whether it is fake or not cuz I wasn’t there to corroborate, and I do think that some men could have these kind of reactions when they are in front of a naked woman. However this guy’s reaction dont seem to be natural, looks like he already knew what was behind that door before it was opened, so he probably thought it could be fun to act “stupid”, but failed when he overacted a bit when he “ran away”. The two bags look real, what kind of food was in there? don’t know. So… fake from 1 to 10? I would say 8.

caroma 2015-05-22

Another low quality fake!!!
A deliver guy that goes masked as if he was going to steal a bank?
His surprise act is a low quality actor in an amateur playright!


alexis 2015-05-25

linda asiática

Dr. Blinky 2015-05-29

He’s right. It’s staged. Ask any film person…

kluu 2016-09-22

Super cute and outrageously hot body.

david33579 2017-02-14

Girl as is absolutely beautiful and sexy as hell

doka405 2018-01-20


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