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Blouse-Open Sushi Delivery (Paula)

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Our videos: So we dare Paula to be even more open to the delivery guy and she actually went further this time. You can tell that the guy is not so sure about what’s going on. See what happens when Paula intend to grab his cock…  The video is a little short but it’s still good… take time right now and watch this one.


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Blouse-Open Sushi Delivery (Paula), 4.5 out of 5 based on 35 ratings

Comentarios (16)

canuck666 2013-10-11

Hopefully the next delivery guy is more daring with her! She is awesome!

DavidMontero 2013-10-11

Fantástica!! Cuando ella intenta meter mano resulta que el repartidor se echa para atrás jeje Bueno bueno, me gusta esta chica.

tello1984 2013-10-11

adam harbi ibne ya bi türk olsa en az 3 atardı bu karıya

teased 2013-10-12

Please do another soon! You are great. I like when you ad an English translation. What was the guys problem? Was he married?

teased 2013-10-12

You are so hot. It would have been a great video but the guy even looked away when you bent over to get the money. This is the first one of your videos that you reached for the guys cock. The second camera angle would have caught a great show if you got on your knees on your bed, but the guy was not chasing you. Too bad. But please upload another one soon. There are not enough really sexy videos like yours.

beachjam 2013-10-12

wow! Super horny…. well done

dabears 2013-10-13

What a losser …wtf ? Do the same video over with another dude and I’m sure it will get hot and heavy quick lol

desnudo23 2013-10-13

we must consider maybe the guy is married and wnats to be faithful to her wife

angel 2013-10-14

That was awesome. What an absolute freaky lady!

justme45 2013-10-14

Agree with teased and dabears, do another soon, different food delivery, someome have to bend her over right there and bang bang…

Arundev 2013-10-14

He said he has a girlfriend that’s the reason why he refuses to be touched lol

Alexis 2013-10-14

eres una de las mejores…. esperemos verte de nuevo en otra aventura

ilvoyeur 2013-10-17

please bring her back!

maku 2014-01-22

Paula is so hot! Would love to see more of her!

JoeHeadmmmmm 2015-06-23

I wish this girl would quit wearing shirts that over her ass. With an ass like that , she needs to be running naked on a treadmill and tell the pizza guy to come in and then tell him she’ll be right with him and let him watch her buns bounce and lets us watch too from a different camera. Or maybe try this with one of the videos that has two girls in it. Instead of them cleaning have one running on a treadmill while the other one pays him , but it needs to be a girl with a nice big bouncy butt like this girl and we the audience need to have the same view he does. If a girl has her back towards the delivery guy the delivery guy is more likely to look if she can’t see him look. Plus it would be a nice view for us.

lowdown 2019-04-29

Such a lovely woman ! i think the delivery guy was gay

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