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$150 – Blowing The Pizza Guy

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Submitted by Lisa: Basically Lisa got dared to do a pizza delivery flash but she said “If i
like him, he might get a surprise”, it sure seems she liked him 🙂

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Rating: 4.5/5 (46 votes cast)
$150 - Blowing The Pizza Guy, 4.5 out of 5 based on 46 ratings

Comentarios (17)

adeonu 2016-04-06

como chupa gostoso tb quero essa boca em meu pau

mr2016 2016-04-06

Nice long blow job, video

vincenzo2334 2016-04-06

great blow job. But why the video cuts out before he comes in? That part of the scene is missing… Looks real tho

Total666 2016-04-07

Sorry, but this video look fake.

xxxxsamxxx 2016-04-08

dream girl for a pizza guy

candyLen1 2016-04-08

Beautiful Woman and great video! Very bold

fenomenun 2016-04-08

fake or not, Very good Cocksucker

Mrzsele91 2016-04-10

i hate the FAKE VIDEO!!.. i paid for FAKE?? angry.. :@

Lisa 2016-04-10

Hi all it’s Lisa 🙂

I’m really sorry to see people think my video is fake as it absolutely isn’t :S
I don’t really know how i can prove it to you all, i thought the video itself was enough for it but it seems i was wrong 🙁

Anyway, thanks for looking at it and take care


Danilo 2016-04-11

don’t look fake

CTversCD 2016-04-11

this is tough to know if its real or not. The actions on the blowing, the guy getting your number at the end seems to be genuine, but my concern is when you let him come in, no talking no invitation… we don’t see that part so it makes me think could be staged

max334 2016-04-15

Hi Lisa…thank you for the video…it was faptastic. I can’t wait for another. Don’t let the haters get you down.

Dale Ellis 2016-04-23

Lisa, I’ll tell you how you can prove it to us. Just submit the full video without editing out the moment he opens the door and walks in. That is, in fact, always the most exciting part, waiting to see how the guy reacts to the proposal… how he is seduced, etc… You simply skip all that and go from door is open now you’re giving him a bj and wonder why people think it’s all staged with your boyfriend? Just submit the whole video and if it’s real we will know it immediately.

Lisa 2016-04-24

Hello all,

Dale Ellis i don’t understand what you’re saying because in the video i submitted, it starts with door closed, we hear the delivery man ringing and then i go open to him, we chat a little bit and then i invite to walk in, isn’t it what you can see on the video here on the website ???

If so i totally understand why everybody’s saying it looks fake !

Please let me know


antonymonk1 2016-04-28

You are very hot – please post more of you if you have more clips – Thanks for posting

James 2016-07-03

The video’s great Lisa, will you be doing more delivery BJ ones?

jptiii 2017-09-03

Hi Lisa, did you meet with him again?

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