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Let Me See!!, 3.9 out of 5 based on 71 ratings

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steelpulse 2011-02-20

too fake to watch

Beaner 2011-04-07

It’s not fake asshole.. It’s called Japanese ‘Sharking’
Google “Sharking” and see!

that other one 2011-06-07

of course it’s fake. or is it that asian girls don’t fight back when attacked, instead, they opt to defend their modesty, rather than punch the fucker in the face. Also, do japanese girls wear no underwear?. You are now the asshole. Pig fucker!

Rocketman 2012-02-10

Too fake, at least they have nice bodies, but some are used many times over and over…and NONE of them have panties on, give me a break…FAKE!

NOMNOMNOM 2012-03-30

If only they were not japanese. Some hot chicks would make this vid a lot better

trouble 2012-08-12

none of these girls are wearing panties. every one of them have on a skirt. one girl has a coat on that is big enough to warm a polar bear, but she is in a skirt with no panties. if you look close, most of the girls are laughing. and not one single girl pulls a .40cal out of her purse and knocks a hole the size of a coffee can in her attacker…purely fake shit. waste of my time.

banu91 2013-01-29

Hepsi mi donsuz geziyor bu orospuların

mike 2013-02-05

fake, schmake, who cares? I could watch it all day…

JUSTIN 2013-08-31


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