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“I Can Help With That”

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"I Can Help With That", 4.0 out of 5 based on 235 ratings

Comentarios (17)

he is gay lol 2013-06-02

omg u is gay man lol

miguel 2013-06-02

gay as long as you live.

fakka 2013-06-02

did just kinda ood looking girl offered free hand job/blow job and dude said no thx?

modelnude4u 2013-06-03

how often are you going to find one who wants to help? OMG, that’s the holy grail of public masturbation!

canuck666 2013-06-03

“I don’t need help”

niko 2013-06-03

You say he’s gay… with a hard on and he cummed pervertedly for her? I just think the girl is trying to make some money on the street but this dude don’t have a penny and he prefers to jerk off and cum before letting her come in and get in trouble cuz he can’t pay for her services.

amater1975 2013-06-03

nice shot of cum man!

canuck666 2013-06-04

niko – look at the way she’s dressed, only a nun covers more skin

teased 2013-06-05

She may have wanted money and he didn’t want to pay, but rather just get off seeing her.

steverogers 2013-06-19

She is dressed normally. FYI, most prostitutes dress “normally”, they don’t usually wear 10″ heels and a miniskirt with their ass hanging out. That’s only on TV.

Richard Hedditch 2013-06-28

Assuming that this is not staged, then that is a brief but top quality event. Well taped. Its not a matter of her being a possible prostitute, but moreso undercover vice. Personally, I think its neither. He’s not gay for turning her down. It is just that he was in the process of shooting his load. Game over – nothing for her to help him with.

zackj 2013-07-19

thats why u dont cum right away, ive done this and the girll jerked me off it was amazing

Roger 2013-07-21

zackj, and then you woke up 🙂

Jacques 2013-09-06

Let me tell you: sometimes women are in for it, when you least expect it !

alex 2013-10-07


yum 2014-02-05

He turned her offer down because,
1. He was blowing his load already.
2. What if she turned hostile? before or after seeing the camera.
He got the shot so give him a break.

bizarr0 2014-11-19

The excitement of just her being there alone made him cum lol.

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