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Pervert Loose in the Woods

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Rating: 3.4/5 (174 votes cast)
Pervert Loose in the Woods, 3.4 out of 5 based on 174 ratings

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Michael Becker 2011-07-17

And you wonder why wome are objectified and raped all over the world when you see videos like this one.

Nice way to talk the male gender, ASS HHHOOOLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEE

outdoor wanker 2011-08-19

Michael Becker i can tell u have never had the buzz of being caught jerkin off outdoors, i used to do it all the time not as brave as this guy though. but belive me it feels great. i have a partner and still do it every now and then for the buzz. ITS ALL ABOUT THE BUZZ BABY

Becker's Mum 2011-09-12

Yeah shut the fuck up Becker

ricksonlone 2011-09-13

A good buzz: shove an electric prod up your ass and fuck off.

ButtBalls 2011-10-10

Why do you people come to videos like this to bitch? Don’t you have anything better to do?

cummin in public 2012-01-18

I love to jerk off in public. I use to do it in my school all the time

Anonymous 2012-02-24

Hey Becker. FUCK YOU.


Does anyone see joy or delightment on any of these people this guy has forced himself upon? Me either. If this guy ruined my family picnic, my family’s prayer or meditation time, I would want to run a log up his ass, right after I beat him senseless with it.

Al 2012-11-27

In my country you will get arrested for this shit

anasshole 2013-09-15

hey becker i thought i waste my time posting this stupid comment telling you how stupid you are for wasting your time posting your stupid comment. you wanna give me head? it’s way more exciting then when some lousy cunt does it, but hey i thought you just like to know ANYWAYS fagbro.

anasshole 2013-09-15

ooohhh it gets me so pissed off when people do things that i don’t agree with even THO i’m on here watching THIS video sometimes i just wanna get on the interwebs and be a big tough girly guy and talk about beating some bologna ass into a pulp with my big thick over average mr. olympia looking DICK..RAWR i’m so aaanngry look at me moan and boohoo pointlessly.

Mayaking 2014-01-07


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