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Jerking and flashing – bus stop

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Jerking and flashing - bus stop, 3.7 out of 5 based on 542 ratings

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GMAC 2012-03-06

I have no idea why you guys post videos of men’s penis-stroke experience. Public or not, it’s a guy’s junk. Posting these videos on this site is like serving bacon with a side of raw cauliflower. Fail.


awesome vid. Good to imagine being on both sides of a flash….being flashed by a hot girl and flashing a hot girl. nice!

jsharpe 2012-03-08

I agree with Josue

jsharpe 2012-03-08

I agree; awesome video

rob 2012-03-09

GMAC IS A FAG. then get off this site you lil douche bag why are you watching it and looking viewing vids on this site you read the title before you watched it. you retard.

rob 2012-03-09

AND……….. its about the guy stroking it, its the reactions from the females you idiot thats the point of it.

Beaner 2012-03-09

At least their not pointing and laughing at this poor excuse of a looser.. Dicks that Tiny are not very common, and they should be displayed where women can secretly laugh at them and appreciate what they probably have at home..

Old voyeur 2012-03-12

I understand that this is a voyeur website and therefore by definition its content is about crossing traditional boundaries (and that is exactly what most visitors find exciting here) but there is difference between being playful, cheeky, wild, crazy for the sake of excitement and being undoubtedly offensive and distasteful for the sake of provoking reaction.

I don’t think this behaviour should be promoted here. This is far away from “naked pizza delivery”.


Well, what I understand here is that this is an exhibitionism site,
even the name of the site is Nakedpizzadelivery, still is an exhibitionists site, that’s why then you have other exhibitionists options, like While Driving (I love it), Real NIP, Voyeur/spycam, etc, which obviously are all about public exhibitionists, so my question is, why can’t Dick-flashing be part of this content? I know i’ts kind of a shocking theme, but still it’s “human flashing”! Women flashes their pussies and tits any where they want, asses, and even masturbate and suck cock in public (shocking too!), why men can’t flash their penis and jerk off in public? WTF!!! Freedom, liberation and equal rights to everyone!!

Old voyeur 2012-03-16

I still don’t think that an unattractive women harrasing a man with her bare tits would be equally threatening as the undesirable approach of a man to an unaccompanied woman.

Please consider.

flasherxxx 2013-02-28

this is a master peace! its the ultimate way of masturbating with the adrenalin very high!!! nice

dude wtf 2013-06-29

why wont it let me watch the video? wtf

DJ 2015-03-22

That last chick, the blonde on the phone in the pink shirt is really cute as hell and she doesn’t seem to mind seeing that little noodle very much, at least she wasn’t laughing at how small and pathetic that guy’s dick is! LOL

Nadeem 2017-12-10

this guy is crazy and no women was interested to see

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