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Pizza guy bj

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Pizza guy bj, 4.1 out of 5 based on 160 ratings

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what’s the site’s name? something like ***

philly 2011-12-28

Fake fake fake!!!! No pizza shop would delivery without a heat bag. This is a complete set up with a friend.

Roger M 2011-12-28

This is another stupid fake video. These SUCK!

Roger M 2011-12-28

His penis is discolored! What is wrong with him?

T 2011-12-30


VCritic 2012-01-01

Really, really pathetically staged. Not even half-way decent “acting”…

Mike 2012-01-03

You guys with your dumb comments are such assholes! I would guess you are probably just pissed because the only action you get is with your hand. I think the video is pretty cool even if it is staged. I would love it if my wife would role play to this extent.

jsharpe 2012-01-06

I’m with Mike.

frank 2012-01-29

good fake


Yeah, staged. He never said anything about the camera being recording. No pizza bag, hat or uniform. Staged for sure.

Walkerv 2012-03-28

Hey Guys – the woman is blowing a guy on camera and posting it for your viewing pleasure – for FREE! Would you dump the criticism – I don’t care if it was directed by Spielberg, it’s a hot babe – a blow job on video – for free. Idiots like you who complain give the rest of us a bad name!

You’re hot darling – now, what was the name of that website again? 🙂

Matt 2012-07-09

I loved it! She was hot, and he enjoyed every minute of it. She gave an amazing blowjob and swallowed every drop! It doesn’t get much better than that.

I’m want to quit my job and become a pizza delivery guy in her neighborhood!

A great video for a free site. Good job!

steverogers 2013-04-08

Fake and STUPID

beachrat 2014-05-23

Wow – tough crowd to please … damn. Her site is and there’s way more where this came from 😉

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