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Video winner $150, posted on the contest

Submitted by Sexy-Becky: My wife teasing with room service guy… she’s not wearing any underwear… In the end the guy was very interested in her

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Room Service Internet Connection, 4.4 out of 5 based on 131 ratings

Comentarios (20)

george 2014-11-09

ya salam lovely

H28 2014-11-11


gessar 2014-11-11


alexis 2014-11-11

este video debió haber ganado más dinero en los premios, es muy bueno sobre todo al final

fenomenun 2014-11-11

Are there more vids of this beauty?

sami 2014-11-11

i really loved this girl .. she is very beautiful and brave … she is arabic too !!! mmmmmmmmmm

h&F 2014-11-11


Alfonso 2014-11-11

This woman is very beautiful, her face, her body, everything I love, and makes all the joke perfectly. The guy wanted to clean anything: the bathroom, the table, just to let him stay longer, I would have done exactly the same. The best thing about the video is that she acts innocent and sexy at the same time … I love her, and also the video.

Note to husband: please do more videos with your wonderful woman

Craig 2014-11-12

He did NOT want to leave, and neither would I! Super hot, but I would love to see, and let him see, a bit more skin.

Alex 2014-11-13

wow…. would love to see my wife do that kinda stuffs.
where is this place? which hotel?

rocco1 2014-11-14

hahaha love this guy

fenomenun 2014-11-14

At first you think the dude is gay but at the end he doesn’t wanna leave and starts looking like a perv lol

gkob95 2014-11-17

I bet this is done in one of the Hotels in Dubai.
She is Soo sexy and would love to see more of you with some more indian teasing 🙂

hammerview 2014-12-05

great body. have her wear a more see thru scarf next time. or better yet have her drop it. that room service guy wanted to touch her. maybe shell let the next one get a feel.

Steve Rogers 2014-12-20

he didn’t even see anything

Steve Rogers 2014-12-20

oh I thought it was a towel. I see now, had to tilt my monitor

Joe Head 2014-12-30

Wish she would have at least dropped the linen or at least hold a towel covering the front leaving her nice ass exposed for us to see. thx anyway.

Lucky 2015-01-02

I LOVE this!!!!!

then4cr 2015-06-12

That dude totally messed it up…The way she basically threw him out also leads me to believe his breath musta been kicking or something…Something turned her off quick is all I’m saying.

Antaeus 2015-07-22

Wow! This is perfect, tat’s exactly what I call a perfect act of exhibitionism-voyeurism, I love it!

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