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Shy Wife?

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Shy Wife?, 4.2 out of 5 based on 144 ratings

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Barry 2013-03-14

The Shy Wife is beautiful…smoking hot. I would treat her much better than her ass of a husband, partner, boyfriend, or whatever he is. Come and pose for me dear and I’ll help you discover the excitement in exhibition.

Allen 2013-03-14

She is smoking hot & wants to please but the guy is a lame stupid idiot. She deserves much better.

Pete 2013-03-14

I agree with both Barry and Allen … she’s good-looking and very giving to accommodate this jerk so willingly. She DOES deserve better.

This is the kind of display that I’d like to see “Grace” doing whether it is posted or not.

snapps 2013-03-14

Wow…. what a jerk

snapps 2013-03-14

After all that, this vid is now on the internet, lol, she mustve left him and he prob released the video for revenge…. terrible

Marcus 2013-03-15

What….an….idiot this guy is! Gorgeous girl, though.

Ron B 2013-03-15

I agree with the other users on here. This guy is clearly a jerk. I think Naked pizza delivery should remove this video out of repect for her.

militofdz 2013-03-16

Hm… I really don’t like that dude. He’s an asshole. She ‘s fucking HOT!! But why remove the video? Neither is it a big deal.

TobiasFunke 2013-03-16

He speaks like Peter Griffin

jsharpe 2013-03-16

Yeah the guy is an uber dick. Here is a lesson: if you’re a dick about it, your wife will lose interest. Trust me.

btbwild 2013-03-21

I would let you film me naked anytime,yeah and he was a dick…

d-man 2013-03-24

Gents – If you’ve ever trained a lady, you should know that her attitude s pretty typical. He has to push her to do what he wants. The ladies that delight us with their antics have been at it for a while.

d-man 2013-03-24

PS. she’s also putting a bit of an “I don’t want to do this” act… but notice she was ready to take her pants off before he asked her to (by toying with the strings)

jsharpe 2013-03-26

LOL it’s true–that is a pretty typical attitude. “I don’t want to offend the workers.” Right, but you already took off your clothes 😉

ncay 2013-03-30


steverogers 2013-04-17

Trained a lady???

d-man (douche-bag), You are a pathetic, piece of shit for even thinking of another person like that!

Tom S 2013-12-09

I think he should have made her wave to the workers. That would have been hot.

Jill 2014-09-12

Great job! That was not so bad was it…..


Tom S 2015-01-14

I still enjoy this video because it is amateurish. I think he wanted her to do more with the workers. I think he wanted her to get so hot showing off her body that she would do the workers.

conway 2017-03-04

She seemed a bit reluctant at first, but soon loosened up. She looks great in the tub. All women should have to do this on a recurring basis. Hopefully she had to spend the rest of the evening naked, it would be a good experience for her. A beautiful woman who is well-trained. WELL DONE VIDEO.

Jill 2017-09-15

She is amazing! So hot! He is a not worthy.

Jill 2017-11-29

She is beautiful! Not sure why she is so shy…..I wish I could have seen her out on the balcony. I may have joined her.


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