There is something about her, she swallows cum NakedPizzaDelivery


There is something about her, she swallows cum

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There is something about her, she swallows cum, 4.5 out of 5 based on 60 ratings

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omg way hot. love to see more of this

hf74 2012-01-15

Is she blind?
Whats with her eyes?

Alex 2012-01-16

This girl is high on cocaine or something. Easy to see by the eyes movement.

WTF 2012-01-17

WTF this chick is obviously high and is as ugly as sin. I would rather jack off than have to look at her face anywhere near my cock. Poor bastards.

fdafdsa 2012-01-17

Looks like a fucking retard.

Tom S 2012-01-18

I’d like to see more of her sucking and swallowing. Big loads. And strip her naked too.

hf74 2012-01-18

Nothin quite like an ugly, crazy, fat chick who loves to eat cum.

swsquish 2012-01-30

who gives a fuck what she looks like, she’s an oral cum dumpster, which makes her awesome. Open wide honey.

cumsinquarts 2012-02-03

fugly and stoned…dangerous combination

flasingisfun 2012-02-06

looks like she would be in the top five cock suckers out there,where can i find her?

billy 2012-02-14

actually she looks to have strombismus. an eye condition that causes cross eyes on one side. also the bright light on the camera is screwing with her eyes. i dont think she is high but she swallows cum from a few strange cocks so hell yea keep sucking them dry

brian 2012-02-23

Everything was great till she looked at the camera, Omg that was a total turn off it was like I was jacking it to a chick with downs.

Mac 2012-03-05

what a freak

Tom S 2012-04-07

I want to see her sucking and swallowing more cumm. Next time have her naked and sucking.

Dale 2012-10-06

My kind of woman!!!

Josue 2013-03-04


some douche 2013-10-29

thats why handicapped girls rool cause they drool all over my juicy wiener

Tom S 2013-12-09

She needs to be used. Strip her naked, fuck her while she sucks every low life in the place. HOT

david33579 2017-02-15

Gotta love crazy eyes.

Bradrick Alexander 2017-03-09

What is her name

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