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They all had a Look

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They all had a Look, 3.8 out of 5 based on 402 ratings

Comentarios (20)

modelnude4u 2012-10-05

Love it! Should have used the left hand though, so they’d get a better view. I’d love to do that kind of thing, but always worried I’ll get arrested!

Allen 2012-10-06

you should be arrested. you’re sick!

a 2012-10-08

fucking sick. i’m a guy and if I saw someone like you I would punch him on his fucking face.

FV 2012-10-08


Grimbald 2012-10-08

why did they leave, are they lesbians? lol

jsharpe 2012-10-09

1. People who don’t like exhibitionism probably shouldn’t watch the free videos at flashing-themed websites.

2. That is one risky motherfucker.

concerned 2012-10-10

I bet you wouldn’t have a problem watching a girl masturbate in public? I bet you wouldn’t punch her in the nose. Get off this sight.

maxxx470 2012-10-10

I agree with the last two comments above me.

rubby 2012-10-10

And I disagree with the last three comments above me. This shit is pretty lame and not even interesting.

jsharpe 2012-10-16

Then I guess you’re in the wrong place 😀

Beaner 2012-10-23

If they looked at all, they probably had a great laugh outside at the public masterbater with the tiniest cock they have ever ‘almost’ seen..hahahah.. This guy has posted a lot of these, and I have never seen any woman take even the slightest bit of interest.. If arrested, they could only charge him for visual “assault with a dead weapon”

fenomenun 2012-10-24

lol beaner

rickmonroe7954 2012-11-20

nice dick dude

Satan 2013-01-24

Title should say – 4 fat ugly jew prudes ignore and laugh at a needledick

Jacques 2013-01-31

#1 Beaner , don’t be a basher ! I bet your cock is quite huge.
#2 Bitches are hypocrite. I bet they like cock, so don’t act like you think it is gross.
#3 People who express the need to physically attack this man, are a bigger douche bag than this wanker.
#4 It is bad hygiene to do this in a public restaurant. Respect other people’s health.

mythisme 2013-02-19

this is awesome indeed… great work

Richard Hedditch 2013-06-28

The camera positioning was spot on. I was praying, whilst watching this, that he would not go for too much, and try to move in closer. Thankfully, he didn’t. This was basically a success. Any premature female departure was not a result of him being too indiscreet.

SinisterJ 2013-09-25

To everyone off you who is ragging on this video, why are you watching it if it’s not your thing? Especially the dude who’s watched and noticed they poster has made multiple vids. Are you ashamed to actually admit you like watching public jerk off vids? Or perhaps you’re hot on the poster but are homophobic? Seems like one of the two. I’m a chick and I think it’s pretty fucking hot personally. Nice vid, make more 🙂

Dieter 2013-12-17

das beste was ich je gesehen habe. Die haben schön geguckt. Bin selbst so unterwegs und weiß, dass so etwas sehr selten ist.

Rich 2015-08-22

“Yes, I’m ready to order. I’d like a basket of fries, with a side of penis.”

“Does that coffee come with cream? No? Excellent…”

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