Babes droping towel for pizza NakedPizzaDelivery

Babes droping towel for pizza

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She’s like: “you’re doing a great duty for society”. Definitely =)

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Babes droping towel for pizza, 4.6 out of 5 based on 69 ratings

Comentarios (24)

Antaeus 2011-12-06

Wow! that was hot!!!

heu 2011-12-07

Only underfull Two girls Nude.

howdy 2011-12-07

nice one !

Hate it!! 2011-12-07

I felt sorry 4 the guy , i would probably puke my guts out. The blonde is soooo repulsive…..

big_blaque 2011-12-07

One of the best delivery clips because that blonde chick looks real and is not one of the typical skinny girls that do this. Plus, the pizza guy is not tall and handsome like all of the other phony clips that I’ve seen. Bravo!!

Doo 2011-12-07

Famn that bitch is FAT

K 2011-12-08

YO BLONDE GIRL YOU TOTALLY SWINDLED US by only showing your face at first and then revealing your morbid obesity!. The hot one didn’t show up too much, what the fuck? Poor guy, he was sooo shy

Valew20 2011-12-09

I like the blonde one 5x’s more than the thin one. It would be an interesting wiggle.

Josue 2011-12-10

That was hot! It would be a fantasy come true if this ever happened to me. I’m sure I’d be speechless. I’m sure I’d be nervous too but I think I’d be able to ask one thing…..”Can I touch your breast? or “Can you two kiss each other? Then I’d run off nervously and masturbate something fierce for weeks after the shock wears off. Both of them were seriously. I dont’ get people being so judgmental. Beauty cums in different sizes and shapes. I thought the skinnier girl was Hotter but you know why? Because I prefer brunette to blond and her tattoo was a super sexy icing on her lovely cake

Josue 2011-12-10

“Both of them were seriously HOT.” left a word out on accident

Alex77 2011-12-10

The blond one is thousand times better! I love curvy girls!!

tim 2011-12-10

How come I can’t view video? Getting video not found or access denied.

I like it 2011-12-10

Okay so the blonde is not my type but I still love this video. It was all real and that’s what makes it hot.

Roger M 2011-12-12

This is disgusting… she is a fat, disgusting cow!

I’d puke if I were him.

loldeone 2011-12-14

Where do i apply

showoff_male 2011-12-19

… I bet that all the ones who complains about the blonde’s body are fat greasy guys that are repulsive them-selves… Before saying something about other’s bodies, look in a mirror and look at your fatness first….

Beener 2011-12-20

I see he was hiding his hard-on with the pizza case as he went out the door… Damn.. He should have traded a double header blowjob for the pizza

xman 2012-03-24

wow the blonde girl has a ass on her thst thing is big very nice

Poterico 2012-04-27

I`m in love with the blonde!!She has magnificent curves. I would have liked her to take him in the bedroom with another webcam and have his way with her(or her way with him!)

The only clip I would ever need.

Poterico 2012-04-28

Who is the blonde and is she in any other videos?????

Joe Head 2013-07-19

Seem like a lot of gay guys are commenting here. That blond is not fat. If you would quit looking at the guy you would clearly see her stomach is flat. Fat is when your stomach sticks out as far if not farther than your tits. The pizza guy is obviously more your type.

shallow 2013-09-22

perfect example of how a fat girl can be easy and a slender girl can be stuck up.

Steve Rogers 2015-03-02

EWWWW. she is so fat!!!!

Nadeem 2017-12-12

sexy women, i like the curvy one

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