“Wut The Hell Is Wrong With U!” NakedPizzaDelivery

“Wut The Hell Is Wrong With U!”

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"Wut The Hell Is Wrong With U!", 2.9 out of 5 based on 37 ratings

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pep5132 2014-09-05

yeah what the fuck was wrong with her hahaha

Leandro 2014-09-05


sam 2014-09-06

well, that was weird….

Pepi 2014-09-08

any sexiness that might have had was ruined.. I wonder if she is mentally challenged

gessar 2014-09-08

Shame she ruined it cuz she’s fucking hot

Dakota 2014-09-10

yeah she is a little off, but that’s just cleo for you 🙂
you can catch her on MFC. ItsCleo.

Steve Rogers 2014-09-10

This is so fucking stupid.

Steve Rogers 2014-09-10

At her website, itscleo.com, her introduction video seems to copy brooke’s video from brookemarks.com.

JoeHead 2015-05-19

That was beyond stupid and not sexy and we barely even saw her butt. Cleo dear… Here’s some advise, that would have been hot if you would have just stood there naked and casually talked to the guy, oh yeah and face the camera on the door so we can look at your ass and so we can see the delivery guy. This video did everything wrong…fire your cameraman, director and delivery guy cuz they all suck.

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