Sexy BabyDoll And The Maintenance Guy (Dulce)

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Jun 20, 2015 | 5:18 min

OUR VIDEOS: Dulce made this wonderful videos for us to watch. Laying down with no panties, just wearing a sexy babydoll, she waits for the hotel’s maintenance guy to fix the TV, and also to put some light bulb in the bathroom. This guy was so cool and helpful tho. He removed the light bulb from the hallway just to put it in the bathroom for her to have some light there. The “tip” in return for him was to grab her boobs. She told him she just got her boobs done lol…, so she let him feel those firm boobs for a long while  (🔥 ͜ʖ🔥)

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Adam B 2015-06-21

Next time do the same thing EXCEPT ask him if he’d mind rubbing your back for just a minute… tell him you’re really sore from working out and ask if he could do it for just a minute while you’re laying there… then tell him you’re legs are really sore too if he could rub on them for a minute… then ask if he could rub your ass… it would be great to let him after seeing you laying there that sexily for so long to give him the chance to rub your thighs and your ass for as long as he wants… and after thinking you have a boyfriend too, as you tell him that upon opening the door. 😉

Adam B 2015-06-21

and if you can get him to rub your ass for you because of how sore you are, spread your legs a little as he’s rubbing it and see if he decides to start rubbing your pussy as well… and talk about your boyfriend as he’s touching you… tell him your boyfriend should be back any minute but then start kind of moaning if he’s touching your pussy at all…

cooterdirty 2015-06-21

nice set of tits, that would be nice if they were in front of me

josh21 2015-06-21


gromit43 2015-06-21

So hot and sexy – He would have loved to fuck her

Snatshporn 2015-06-21

Same thoughts here Adam B, a scene like that would be so fucking intense

Adam B. 2015-06-22

Yes, and for that matter… even if she was wearing a long nightshirt or nightgown that covered her ass… if she then asked him if he’d mind massaging her legs, she could let him go under her shirt or lift it up to start rubbing her ass too… Where these scenes go wrong (not this one, but other ones) is where the girl is too obviously trying to show herself… it’s much more erotic to at least look innocent… and then let the guy discover after rubbing her thighs that she’s not wearing any panties, and have her ask if he’d mind rubbing her ass after he’s rubbing her thighs, etc… letting the guy go under her clothes would be way more erotic than just starting with her whole ass showing, I think anyways…

Adam B. 2015-06-22

what a delicious ass this girl has… 😉

teased 2016-09-19

Very nice.

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